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A renters insurance policy is necessary when you share a building with plenty of individuals where fires, theft, and water damage can be a constant threat. There are many potential risks and your property is in danger. You should shield your valuable items from a potential loss by making sure you have the right renters insurance policy affordable for any budget.

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What will Florida renter’s insurance protect against?

At Odiorne Insurance Agency, we know the primary concerns with renting a home or an apartment, and renter’s insurance protects you from a range of threats and dangers that could happen with a rented unit. Renter’s Insurance policies protect you against things like lightning, fireplaces, riots, aircraft, vehicles, smoke damage, windstorms, vandalism, theft, falling objects, water and electrical damage, and many other problems.

Selecting the right coverage amount of renters insurance

At Odiorne Insurance Agency, we will make sure that your valuables are properly insured. We will customize a renters insurance package to fit your needs in Brandon and throughout Florida, once you decide the amount of coverage you would like to have.

Renters Insurance Options in Brandon, Florida

  • Personal Property coverage in case of theft, fire or damage.
  • Liability coverage for risk of accident at your rental
  • Other coverage options are also available

As with many kinds of insurance, your premium relies on your deductible amount and any extra coverage you decide to choose. It is helpful to keep receipts in order to make sure you know value of your things. You should also create an inventory of all the things you own and their cost. Keeping a picture or a video of your home and your possessions in a fireproof container is very helpful in the event of a catastrophe.

Purchasing renters insurance provides you with the peace of mind to ensure your valuables are protected, and also the assurance if something is missing, you may be able to replace it. As a local insurance agency in Brandon, Florida, we’ve partnered with the best renter’s insurance corporations in the business, and this means we can compare rates and policies with many different carriers in order to find the policy and value that works best for your needs.

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