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Brandon, Florida General Liability Insurance

Most businesses are concerned about ways to protect others from injuries or accidents that might happen on their property. Having General Liability insurance coverage can help protect your Florida business from these unplanned costs.

Call and speak with one of our experienced agents today at Odiorne Insurance Agency and ask them to assist you in finding an insurance plan for your needs and budget. General Liability Insurance is very important for your business to have in the event you ever have to protect yourself in a lawsuit. Upon request our agents can help perform insurance and risk analysis of your business, to help determine the risk of accidents or injuries your business may face. Start the conversation today for protecting your Brandon, Florida business and let us help you purchase a General Liability Insurance policy.

General Liability Coverage for Brandon, Florida Businesses

Florida’s General Liability insurance, along with your Workers’ Compensation and property policies, serve to protect your business if you face a lawsuit for property damage or personal injury.  Normally, these policies can cover your business from those types of accidents or damages that happen on your business property or as a result of using goods or services sold by your company.  There are also additional policies you can purchase that add coverage to take care of attorney fees or court costs.

Our agents can help as you take into consideration these additional aspects of your General Liability insurance package and you’ll be able to choose the appropriate policy for your budget. Together we can work with you to help customize a general liability insurance policy, as we have for many other business owners throughout the Brandon, Florida area.

Be sure to contact Odiorne Insurance Agency today to speak with one of our trusted agents about your Florida General Liability insurance. Our licensed agents are here to help answer the questions you may have about General Liability Insurance and will be happy to offer you pricing for a General Liability Insurance policy.

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Speak with a licensed agent for additional information regarding these coverages or refer to your actual policy for specific coverages and limits. It’s important to learn what your policy coverages include and how different limits could potentially negatively effect your business risk and liabilities.

The information offered throughout our website is not legal advice or a substitute for consultative insurance purposes, it is for illustration and informational purposes only. For additional information regarding your specific insurance needs, please call and speak with one of our licensed insurance agents today. Our agents are ready to assist you in navigating your insurance options.

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